Exception reading manager information - bad status code 0x501

  • 7020148
  • 01-Jun-2017
  • 09-Nov-2017


Micro Focus iPrint for OES 2015SP1


When trying to access the Print Manager in iManager, the following error is displayed:
Exception reading manager information
Request (SERVER_ERROR) - bad status code (0x501)
IPP Error: 0x501


There are two possible causes, and therefore two possible resolutions, to this error:
  1. License file not applied
    • The above error can be returned if the evaluation period has expired.  To determine if this is the case:
      • go to https://<iPrint Server Address>:9443
        • click "Manage iPrint Appliance"
        • click License. 
      • Does this show as expired? 
    • If yes, then go to the https://www.novell.com/customercenter
      • log in
      • choose "Software". 
      • Find Novell iPrint. 
        • There should be an option to download a license file.
  2. Timing problem between Novell iPrint Tomcat and Apache.
    • Restart Novell Tomcat and Apache by pasting the following commands into a terminal session:
      • rcnovell-iprint-tomcat restart;rcapache2 restart
        • Note: The above command is valid for OES 2015 and 2018, not the iPrint Appliance.
    • Wait 1 minute, exit iManager and log in again.
  3. Admin password changed using iManager
    • Problems exist when changing the Admin password using iManager.  Use the recommended method to change the admin password (See TID 7016965)
      • See the Additional Information section of this document to diagnose this Cause.