Software Change Notice - GWAVA 6.5 Build 43, (28 SEP 2016)

  • 7020121
  • 28-Sep-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Secure Gateway (GWAVA)


The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • KeyShieldSSO update
  • Bug #9455 and GPV-13 Added code to handle not NULL but empty messageBody and fromAddressStr
  • Fix issue with QMS repeatedly processing in queue with some malformed mime messages not being moved to the bad folder as expected
  • Add handler for altering and ingesting messages with attachments into QMS when the attachments have malformed names
  • Added timeout when trying to communicate with CTIPD.
  • Bug GWAV-844, If we have more MX records to try, we needed to clear any socket error that may have occurred with the previous MX record connection attempt.
  • Bug# GWAV-1258: Fix crash in OLE fingerprinting code
  • Fix buffer overrun crash when too many events are reported to an smtp interface
  • Bug#GWAV-1279 - Implement SMTP line length limitation in SMTP client handler
  • Bug#GWAV-1011 - Add OpenOffice XML format fingerprint
  • Some logging added to gwvrelay queue driver
  • Bug#GWAV-1011 - Update for more versions of OO documents and change text for UI
  • Update to support KeyshieldSSO 6.3
  • Bug#GWAV-947 - Fix period key being detected as delete key in various browsers due to them sharing the same keyboard scancode
  • Bug#GWAV-653,GWAV-1209 - Add 60 second retry at GWAVAMAN startup for database to become available
  • Bug#GWAV-1255 - Fix domain regex patterns matching domains as partial domains when word boundaries can include a superset of a domain
  • Bug#GWAV-1325 - Fix buffer overrun caused when multiple events are recorded multiple times
  • Bug#GWAV-1345 Add more selectable years to the POA scanner
  • Bug#GWAV-1336 - Fix crash when SPF error response contains % characters
  • Bug#GWAV-1205 - Fix erroneous error when custom Cipher list is provided
  • Bug#GWAV-1207 - Fix . terminator not being properly handled sometimes
  • Removed the use of SPF records, now only TXT records will be searched for SPF information (per RFC 7208)
  • Bug#GWAV-1275 - Fix utf8 malformed character detection failing in specific case
  • Added timeout to the definition download process
  • Bug 1354 - Add sleep to start process
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