Software Change Notice - GWAVA 6 Build 18, (03 MAY 2012)

  • 7020104
  • 23-May-2012
  • 07-Aug-2017


Secure Gateway (GWAVA)


The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Database version scripting added
  • Support Tools for GWVSTATS
  • Integration with WSTrust
  • Bug 1648 Update Header on recovery page
  • Memory fixes in GWVSMTP
  • Fix Kaspersky settings file for updates
  • Fix upgrades for servers that were in GWAVA Network
  • Fixed the reporting date of Kaspersky
  • Resolved Statistics data not adding correctly
  • GWVSMTP will look at server roles for load balancing
  • Memory fixes for GWAVA and GWVRELAY
  • GWAVA Crash on remote Interfaces disconnecting
  • Additional Information

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