Software Change Notice - GWAVA 5 Build 25, (20 JUN 2011)

  • 7020094
  • 20-Jun-2011
  • 07-Aug-2017


Secure Gateway (GWAVA)


The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Spam submission capability
  • Ham submission capability
  • Option to remove acceptance of SSLv2
  • Fixed quick shutdown of database connected programs
  • Exception case with multiple recipients
  • Fix file decompression on Linux
  • TLS required enforcement
  • Notification sent to proper administrator email
  • GWVSMTP rare crash on client shutdown
  • Allow a certificate and key pair to not have a password
  • Various updates to notification templates
  • Various fixes for the report templates
  • GWVSMTP handle outbound message blocks better
  • Additional Information

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