Software Change Notice - GWAVA4 Build 104, (31 JUL 2008)

  • 7020036
  • 26-Aug-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


Secure Gateway (GWAVA)


The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Add options for QMS layout
  • Add saved searches back into QMS2
  • Modify QMS layout to fit to page
  • QMS2 updater now renames QMS1 binaries to prevent accidental downgrade of databases
  • Fix apostrophe not being saved correctly for filters
  • Fix gwavaman crash caused by encryption algorithm buffer overrun
  • Fix angle brackets in filters causing configs to not load
  • Fix QMS1 login and digest redirect pages being overwritten by updater
  • Fix gwvgwia not handling esmtp options correctly
  • Fix gwavaman SSL attempting to bind on wrong port
  • Fix replicaiton issues with some characters causing invalid xml streams
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