Software Change Notice - GWAVA 7 Revision 21, (10 MAY 2016)

  • 7020025
  • 06-Feb-2017
  • 07-Aug-2017




The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Fix start and restart all module control buttons on module status control page
  • Update user management page with new role selection system
  • Add button image for admin quarantine
  • Replace admin UI twin list boxes with checkbox lists
  • Fix module status page restart button sending unloadmodule command
  • Fix module start button not sending correct command
  • Send configuration reload to gwvrelay when module settings are altered
  • Fix gwvrelay path case issue causing non-delivery on linux
  • Fix gwvrelay message test button being setup multiple times
  • Add header tag service
  • Update server install script to set default relay target setting
  • Add initial template management pages
  • Add tables to support black/white list components
  • Fix new templates not saving
  • Tag header services UI fixes
  • Notify service added
  • Locale aware template system added
  • Add predefined sample message to scan diagnostics page
  • Add image analyzer edit node
  • Add skeleton components for blacklist and whitelist
  • Add language system
  • Add edit box for user interface redirect button in user interface management page
  • Update templates page to be language aware
  • Fix ssl cert configuration to work without certificates
  • Add header line replacement functionality to MIME message class
  • Removed the use of SPF records, now only TXT records will be searched for SPF information (per RFC 7208)
  • Updated database build script
  • Add user and ou move functionality to UI
  • Add DSN template selection for smtp interface
  • Finished functionality in blacklist UI node
  • Add stub object and UI node for image analyzer
  • Implement container extraction in fingerprint and attachment name events
  • Updated DB setup script
  • Move message direction event into received node
  • Service locking implemented
  • Partial address blocking implemented at SMTP interface
  • Updated template folder structure and added readme for using custom templates
  • Fix for black/whitelist using incorrect objects in database
  • Add whitelist node editor
  • Fix service merge functionality which was build incorrectly
  • Add initial notification template sources
  • Add decompression to fingerprint and attachment name events
  • Add new container extraction system including bz2 and zip format extraction
  • Add logging of ip address when CTIPD connection fails
  • Update reference in setup script for the correct Postgres requirement
  • Additional Information

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