Software Change Notice - GWAVA 7 Revision 118, (15 SEP 2016)

  • 7020021
  • 06-Feb-2017
  • 07-Aug-2017




The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Change status AttachmentAcessed to Viewed Message
  • Fixes to status column to allow for not clearing the checkboxes
  • Fixed view message status settings
  • Fixed accessed attachment user status setting
  • Bug#GWAV-1451 - Fix errors in setup script caused by IE page caching
  • Bug#GWAV-1454 - Fix setup script not completing caused by IE page caching
  • Bug#GWAV-1455 - Fix text containment during setup process in IE
  • Bug#GWAV-1447 - Add setting for defining smtp response when gwava scan engines are unresponsive. Defaults to 4xx response
  • Fix gwvrelay issue stalling when mail from is empty and no original SMTP protocol line was available
  • Add system alerts
  • Add system notifications
  • Add licensing management code
  • Add helper function to get notification default template id and language
  • Fix alert system reporting wrong module id
  • Add collapsing sections to system alert page
  • Add alert system test
  • Documentation additions
  • Add custom ssl session capability to network socket class
  • Fix IP address filters not saving properly
  • Bug#GWAV-1459 - Add CDIR notation support for IP address filter, IP exceptions, SMTP interface IP rejection and relay sources
  • Bug#GWAV-1463 - QMS remote upload detects SSL requirement and switches accordingly
  • Fixed GWAV-1402 Message sender was not being used as sender for release instead it was QMS module contact email address. (Fixed query in ReleaseProcessor.cpp)
  • Fixed problem with global digest
  • Change purge to perform purges in batches if there is a backlog of purge records
  • Fixed crash in purge processing where StorageDirectory had not be set but was being used
  • Fixed release so it only sends to current owners.
  • GWAVA 7 start script
  • Fixed a problem with reading and processing Ou properties when a user logged in.
  • Bug#GWAV-1466 - Fix clone/move operations not working on newly saved objects
  • Bug#GWAV-1337 - Updated admin landing page to reference for help
  • Bug#GWAV-1469 - Fix bug introduced causing double 5xx smtp errors when message is blocked
  • Add license installation and management page
  • Fix for custom digests in multiple OU environments
  • Updated datatables.min.css to utilize the sort arrow icons in the images subfolder
  • Fixed problem when there were no messages to display in the datatable
  • Digest will report all quarantined items
  • Updated database schema to support license system
  • Additional Information

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