Software Change Notice - GWAVA 7 Revision 154, (26 JAN 2017)

  • 7020017
  • 06-Feb-2017
  • 07-Aug-2017




The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Bug GWAV-1557 Establish connection to Qms Database each time a different OU is selected using the OU selector
  • Bug GWAV-1543 Fixed issues with Digest release in multi-OU environment.
  • Merge GWAV-1546, which includes:
  • Support for OpenOffice fingerprint
  • Support for MSOfficeXML fingerprint
  • Support for password protected compressed zip files
  • Support for corrupt zip file detection
  • Support for deep/wide compressed files
  • Support for zip files that are not application files
  • Fix bug in FileHandling read file into memory when number of bytes to read matches the target file size-1
  • Support for libarchive13/xenial-backports
  • GWAV-1544 Support for Interface control
  • GWAV-1025 - Fix broken zip test not requesting file commit to disk, creating false positive
  • GWAV-1733 - Fix text issue in Manage Organizations instructions
  • GWAV-1736 - Update to latest ctengine version 8.00.0125.1
  • GWAV-1737 - Update to latest ctipd version 4.00.0036.1
  • GWAV-1559 - Fix crash when multithreaded scanning is used with filters that require disk access to extracted MIME entities
  • GWAV-1478 - Fix gwvrelay crash caused by invalid memory access
  • GWAV-1558 - Policy qualification to have additional conditions
  • GWAV-1524 - Cloning an OU does not bring across node comments
  • GWAV-1744 - Fix crash caused by multithreaded sync issue
  • GWAV-1765 - Unable to clone policies fixed
  • GWAV-1766 - Unable to move policies fixed
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