Software Change Notice - GWAVA 7 Revision 189 (30 MAR 2017)

  • 7020015
  • 30-Mar-2017
  • 07-Aug-2017




The following fixes/resolutions are included:


  • Fix issue with HTTP upload process mapping source data type to incorrect method
  • Fix HTML signature populating TEXT signature in UI when reloading node
  • Add option to disable multi-threaded filters within an engine module
  • GWAV-1689 - Custom Roles
  • GWAV-1815 - Add move object button to domains management page
  • GWAV-1771 - Policies created with wizard can now be deleted/moved/cloned immediately after creation
  • Implement cipher list support for SMTP module SSL
  • GWAV-1502 - Alter user last login info for users that have no login data recorded
  • GWAV-1773 - Add exception handling to filter calls and fix possible usage of nullptr if MIME message cannot extract root entity during fingerprint tests
  • Merge GWAV-1810 - Staggered DB sequences
  • Add missing icon to notes box on workbench
  • GWAV-1482 - Fix filters not saving in Chrome
  • GWAV-1701 - Fix issue when parent events of events are removed, causing cascade deletes of attached events
  • GWAV-1770 - New policies created with the wizard are suffixed with a number if a duplicate name would occur to make it easy to distinguish
  • Fix log retention days not saving
  • Fix resetadmin startup switch to allow creation of new accounts, and to apply the selected user to the System Admin role if it's not linked to ensure a UI is available to use
  • Add deep exception handling of suspect fingerprint functions
  • Adding libarchive13/xenial-backports to default install.
  • GWAV-1764 Fix unformatted date in digest template.
  • GWAV-1835 - Modify text filter search algorithm to reduce complexity of generated regexes to prevent runaway expressions. Added exception handling to catch and report other such instances that are not procedurally detectable.
  • GWAV-1764 Fix unformatted date in digest template.
  • GWAV-1592 Fix blank notifications
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