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Questions and Answers


Question: In the User Migrator software, does the "Mail-enable" step in the Exchange section actually mail-enable the Active Directory user only, or does it mailbox-enable the Active Directory user?

Answer: The User Migrator software does both steps, it mail-enables and mailbox-enables the Active Directory user.

Question: Can I use Exchange Management Shell to mail-enable the Active Directory users first, with the correct GroupWise email address, and then which tool do I use to mailbox enable the Active Directory user?

Answer: Yes you can. And you can still use the mail-enable function in the User Migrator software, and you may get a warning that the user is already mail-enabled.

Question: Can I mail-enable and mailbox-enable the Active Directory users via Exchange Management Shell, and just use the Email Migrator to migrate the data.

Answer: Yes, but you need the CSV file from User Migrator that has all required data about users in order to be able to do that.

Question: I am trying to figure out the configuration for O365 in the migration toolkit, User Migrator.

If an on premise AD is not used, do I still configure Active Directory in the User Migrator to login to O365? 

Answer: No
Question: And on the O365 tab, would it use the AD configuration for login?
Answer: No
Question: If an on premise AD is used, how is the configuration different?
Answer: The Migration Toolkit does not support on premise AD with Office 365 combination (hybrid).
we currently support two scenarios:

- On-prem AD with On-prem Exchange 

- Office 365

Question: There is a "license" field in the CSV files generated by MTK, what is that field used for.

Answer: This is an unimplemented feature at this point, so the field is not used.