Migrating Redline from NetWare To Linux

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  • 13-Jul-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


Redline (all builds)


How do you migrate Redline Control Center and Agents that are running on a NetWare to a Linux box and retain all of the data?


Note:  Make sure the Control Center is shut down while performing the process. Migrating Redline from NetWare to Linux is a very simple process. Since the majority of the files are identical on NetWare as they are for Linux it makes it quite easy. 1) Start with installing the Redline Control Center first on an independent Linux Server.  This will put in brand new files and gives you a location point to where all the files need to go. 2) Then go to NetWare and copy over the entire CONF directory and replace it with the one on Linux. The most important files that you need (which are included in the CONF directory) are: the databases, cc_templates, and the main configuration file. Copy the files to /opt/beginfinite/redline on the Linux box. This is the default install location. 3) Install the Redline agents on the new GroupWise agent box on Linux. There are 2 different ways you can setup the rlagent.conf files:
  • You may copy the rlagent.conf files from their old NetWare servers to the new Linux servers. or
  • Edit the rlagent.conf files on the Linux box and set them up anew pointing them to the new Control Center on Linux.
Go ahead and startup the Control Center on the Linux box and everything will register on the agents.

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