GWAVA 4 Scanner Scan Order

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  • 10-Nov-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 All Builds Netware, Linux


What order does GWAVA 4 scan its messages in?


The GWAVA Scanner scans every message in the following order:   1) Message direction scan   2) RBL Scan   3) Message/Source address scan   4) Message/Destination address scan   5) Watermark filter scan   6) Raw message filter scan   7) MIME header filter scan   8) Message/General Subject+Body text filter scan   9) Message/Subject text filter scan   10) Message/Body text filter scan   11) Message/Antispam scan   12) Message/Attachments scan   13) Attachment/File type scan   14) Attachment/Fingerprint scan   15) Attachment/Virus scan   16) Message/Oversize scan   17) Message/IP address scan   18) Message/SURBL scan Note: Gwava will scan every message even if it has an active exception. Note: This order cannot be changed. Note: All services (block, quarantine, notify etc.) will occur after the message scanning has been completed.

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