What is contained in the Reload Monitor log

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  • 08-Oct-2008
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


What is the MONITOR.LOG used for, and what does it contain?


The Monitor log file includes things like version information and build, Profile name and settings, and GroupWise agent version.

"Reload Version"="2.5 - Build (25551)","Reload Information","1"

"License Expiration"=" Oct 12 03:59:59 2017 GMT","Reload Information","1"

"PROFILE_4", "PO1","4. PO1","4. PO1","PO1","Reload Profiles Chooser","nav_plain_blue","Normal ...

"GroupWise DBCOPY"="Installed - Version 7.0.3","Required GroupWise Software","1"

"GroupWise Agents"="Installed - Version 7.0.3","Required GroupWise Software","1"


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