Understanding the Reload Enterprise Cloud (EC) Module

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  • 26-Aug-2014
  • 29-Aug-2017


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What is the Reload Enterprise Cloud (EC) Module? How do I obtain the Reload EC Module?


The Reload EC Module allows a Reload server to transmit backups to another Reload server, presumably an off-site Reload server  with tremendous speed. The Reload EC Module is obtained via a separate license key file. When you have obtained this license key, call GWAVA Support and they can help you to configure the Reload EC Module. Customers with an interest in off-site Disaster Recovery should strongly consider obtaining the Reload EC Module. Here are some further points about Reload EC: - Bandwidth savings is remarkable. For example a 250 GB post office might only require 2-5 Gigabytes of data to actually transfer time a backup runs. For example: A customer with a 250 Gigabyte post office transmits their post office in 8 minutes a night across the Internet. - The Off-site Reload Server can be configured to not need the storage space and processing required with a Reload Portable Backup routine. - After an initial replication, every backup will be very fast and efficient. - Customers who have a sister site can replicate to their own off-site location. - Customers who do not have a sister site, should consider utilizing GWAVA's Cloud Services offerings.  - Two Reload customers can quite feasibly designate each other as sister sites for replication. For example, two universities might have off-site Reload servers to one another. - A Reload EC Server can both receive a GroupWise post office data set, and replicate that GroupWise data set to yet another Reload EC Server. - The Reload EC Module is a module that customers may purchase as a separate module similar to  Blueprint for Reload. There is no software to download, just a license to purchase. - The Reload EC Module is only compatible with Reload 4.1. - The Reload EC Module needs to be configured with the assistance of GWAVA Technical Support. - The Reload EC Module was originally made for the benefit of GWAVA's cloud, and has been used extensively in transmitting customer's GroupWise data to be dredged by the Retain Worker Agent. - The Reload EC Module has been integrated into Reload to run seamlessly with Reload. - With the Reload EC Module, the on-site Reload server pushes it's data to the off-site Reload server. The off-site Reload server does not need any access into the network of the on-site Reload server. - Reload EC replicates GroupWise post offices and GroupWise domains - The underlying technology in Reload EC is Rsync. However, just as DBCOPY is used very cleverly in Reload, Rsync is used in a very clever manner to maximize speed and functionality.  

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