Mail Flow Stops or Linux Pauses or Slows Down During Normal Scanning.

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  • 17-Sep-2007
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 Linux only.


  Mail flow stops ,or slows down during scanning. Linux also can pause or slow down as well with message flow. This seems to be due to a lack of available file descriptors. To verify if the limit has been reached type in: ps ax | grep asengine You should receive a response similar to this: 31677 ?        Ssl    0:04 /opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/bin/asengine none 8895 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep asengine Write down the PID number to the left.  Then type: lsof -p <asengine_pid> This will then show you this information: COMMAND    PID USER   FD   TYPE   DEVICE    SIZE   NODE NAME asengine 31677     root      6u  IPv4 75156611      TCP localhost:60462->localhost:49282 (ESTABLISHED) asengine 31677     root      7u  IPv4 75156613       TCP *:49284 (LISTEN) asengine 31677     root      8u  IPv4 75156614       TCP localhost:49284->localhost:60199 (ESTABLISHED) asengine 31677     root      9u  IPv4 75156976       TCP localhost:60490->localhost:49282 (ESTABLISHED) If you look at the 4th column over (FD=File Descriptors) if it says 1020u, 1021u, 1022u or 1023u then you have run into the limit.


Follow these steps to fix the problem: 1. Set the kernel parameter fs.file=max to 65535 Goto: /etc Edit the file: "sysctl.conf" Type in: fs.file-max  = 65535 **Note: To access and edit the files follow these directions.               1. Find the file that is to be edited.               2. Type VI <name of file>               3. Type "i" to enter into insert mode               4. Use the arrow keys to place your cursor to the location of where you need to type in the information.               5. Type in the information. 2. Set the =hard limit for max number of open files to 65535 Goto: /etc/security/ Edit the file: "limits.conf" Add in this information to the end of the file. *            soft        nofile        65535 *            hard      nofile        65535 3.  Goto /etc/lpam.d/ Edit the file: "login" Add in this information to the end of the file: session                  required                 /lib/security/ session                  required                 /lib/security/ 4. Set the ulmit for all shells Goto /etc/ Edit the file: "profile.local" Add in this information to the end of the file: ulimit -n 65535 5. Load the new parameter sysctl -p .etc.sysctl.conf 6. Restart GWAVA rcgwavaman restart **Note: If you are still having the same problem restart the server for the changes to take effect. **

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