Cleaning Out Directories

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  • 11-Aug-2008
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GWAVA 4 for NetWare and Linux


Which files can be removed safely from the directory structure of GWAVA 4?


There are several directories within GWAVA 4 that can fill up with files, and/or messages. Over time these can build up and may take up space on the hard drive. These files are relatively small in size anyway and do not pose a threat to the health of the system or problems with the system in general. Listed below are some of these directories that an administrator may clear out if needed: Note: Make sure to shut down GWAVA before removing any of files from these directories. Removing files while the system if running may cause errors or problems with the GWAVA system. Autoblocker/Transfer/"id"/HAM and SPAM:  The autoblocker/transfer directory is responsible for moving the learned messages from the feeders, as well as the auto-feeders, into the corpus for use by the advanced spam engine. At times messages can get stuck, or go bad within these directories. Causes of this can range from bad messages, problems with the autoblocker or asengine, or GWAVA being shut down while in the process of learning these messages. Messages can remain indefinately within these directories and may cause problems with unloading the GWAVA program. Clearing these out may help in this matter and can help in the process of new messages being learned by the system. Although these messages are not a serious threat to the system it is wise to remove old messages out of here anyway just as a precaution. If you see a .~22 file extension in these directories it is safe to say that these messages are bad and should be removed. GWIA_Interface: The GWIA_interface contains actual messages that are being processed and scanned by GWAVA. However, at times messages can also get stuck in here. Large or bad messages may not be able to get through and may jam the scanning process of GWAVA. Removing large and even old messages from this directory may help to increase the proficiency of the system. SMTP_Mailer/Outbound:  This directory contains any notifications, digests, or released messages from a digest. Each one will contain a .msg file as well as it's .xml counterpart. The GWAVARELAY takes these files and moves them to the GWIA to get processed and later delivered to the GroupWise post office. If for any reason the GWIA rejects these files they will remain in the Outbound directory until manually deleted. Each bad file will produce an .err log which will help to identify the cause of the rejection by the GWIA. These files are not critical to be deleted and may remain there indefintely without any repercussion. You may delete these files at will to help clean up the system. Cleaning out this directory may help prove useful to troubleshoot released messages from digests not getting to the user. QMS/In_queue:  This is where the messages are being processed for the Quarantine Management System. At times messages may not get processed and will stick in this directory. It is wise to make sure that anything older than the current day is removed or cleaned from this directory.  However, if a message is unable to be processed by the QMS it will automatically move to the bad anyway, so maintenance of this directory is usually not required. QMS/bad: This is where any bad messages are transferred if unable to be processed by the QMS within the In_queue. These can be left in this directory if needed and are not considered to be threatening or potential problems by the system. These messages may be removed at will with no repercussion. Note: If you have any questions or suspect a problem within any of these directories, please call GWAVA technical support at 801-437-5678.

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