How to Reboot the GWAVA 4 SMTP Appliance from the Command Line

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  • 14-May-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 SMTP Appliance Build 117 and above


How can I reboot the Appliance from the command line (remotely)?


There are several ways of rebooting the Appliance. Most of the time you'd simply log into the web interface and reboot from the Appliance control page. However, if you are at the terminal or remotely connected via ssh, there are several command line options you can use. The commands, in order of preference, are: shutdown -r now init 6 reboot -f The command 'shutdown -r now' is the preferred way of shutting down the Appliance and rebooting. It shuts down the operating system cleanly so that corruption won't occur. The shutdown command also allows you to specify a specific time to shutdown the system. Additionally, it issues a warning stating that the system is being shut down. The command 'init 6' is the quick way to reboot the system. The command is sent to the init daemon to switch to run level 6 (reboot). So the init daemon kills the running processes and restarts the system. No warning is issued and the reboot starts immediately. The command 'reboot -f' is the last resort for rebooting the system without resorting to a hard boot. The only time you'd want to use this option is if something is wrong with the init daemon. Hard rebooting should only be used if none of the above options work. Problems, such as corruption, can occur when the system is hard booted.

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