Remote Access to the GWAVA 4 SMTP Appliance Command Line

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  • 13-May-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 SMTP Appliance Build 117 and above


How can I access the Appliance's command line remotely?


You can remotely access your Appliance using ssh. You can enable ssh at the time of install or later from the Appliance control page. Once ssh is enabled, you can remotely connect to the server using ssh. From a Linux terminal, simply use the ssh command and IP address of the Appliance. For example: lnxserver:~ # ssh You will then be prompted for the username and password to access the system. At the time of install, you set a password for the root user. You can thus use the root user to access the system this way. To leave the ssh session at any time, simply use the exit command. There are several ssh clients that can be used in a Windows environment as well. PuTTY is a commonly used ssh client that can be used to access the command line. WinSCP, another common tool, can be used to browse the remote system’s file system through a GUI interface. Look for the ssh client that best suits your needs. When run in Windows, they will prompt you for the address to connect to and the username and password usually.

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