What information is in a Signature Spam definition?

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  • 22-Sep-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 using Signature Spam Engine Linux Appliance (SLES 10)


What information is in a Signature Spam definition? RE


When GWAVA checks a message with the Signature Spam Engine, there are three different possible responses.  These are categories of blocked messages.  If the message is not in one of these three categories, it is not blocked. Categories of Blocked Messages: BULK - Messages with large delivered quantities.  This can be ads, possible newsletters, anything that would be sent in bulk.  Messages of this type are categorized under spam threshold 4. CONFIRMED - This is the obvious spam that has been detected.  Messages of this type are linked to threshold 5. VIRUS - Messages with viruses in it.  It can provide some 0-day virus protection as a virus heuristics engine is used to detect potential viruses.

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