Viewing SMTP traffic for a GWAVA 4 SMTP Scanner

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  • 22-Apr-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 SMTP Scanner


How can I view the SMTP traffic for my scanner?


Each GWAVA 4 module maintains its own log file. The module which handles SMTP traffic is gwvsmtp. To view its log from the web interface, go to Server/Scanner Management | [your server] | Server Management | Logs | gwvsmtp. From here, you may view the most recent log. To view older logs, you will need to access the log files themselves. The log files are located under the GWAVA 4 directory ../GWAVA4/services/logs. If the normal logs are insufficient for your needs, you can change the logging level to Diagnostic mode. More detailed information will be added to the logs then. For instructions on changing the log level, please see the following article. Change logging level in GWAVA4

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