Date\time type fields not formatted correctly

  • 7019891
  • 25-May-2017
  • 26-May-2017


NetIQ Sentinel Sentinel Server


In previous versions of Sentinel the date\time format was not displayed in a user friendly format. E.g. 2017-05-24T10:09:10.743Z. This was addressed in versions and later to show a more user friendly version. E.g. May 24, 2017 10:09:10 AM. However after applying the patch to the alert-stored-date and alert-modified-date is still not being displayed correctly in the UI.


1. Go to the following location: 

cd /opt/novell/sentinel/bin

2. Type su novell
3. Enter command: 


4. Go to following location: 

cd /opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/postgresql/bin

5. Enter command: 

./psql SIEM dbauser

You should see the following prompt: 


6. Type the following sql commands: 

update esec_display set type = 2 WHERE tag= 'amoddt';

and then

update esec_display set type = 2 WHERE tag= 'astrdt';

After each command you should see the following results: 


7. Once completed exit psql by typing 

\q    and hit enter.


If the patch was applied to Sentinel version all of the date field formats are fixed to show the new date\time formatting except for the alert-stored-date and the alert-modified-date.