How to Install the Reload Administration Desktop Icons

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  • 01-Oct-2009
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


I accidentally deleted my Reload icons. How can I get them back?


Restoring the Reload icons is simple to do.

1)    Change to the reload directory: valserver:~ # cd /opt/beginfinite/reload/

2)    Run the following command: valserver:/opt/beginfinite/reload # ./install

3)    From the following menu, select option i to reinstall the icons:

GWAVA Reload Installation Utility Version 3.0

Installing, please wait!

Choose an action:

1. Install 2. Reinstall - (Revert to factory defaults) 3. Exit i. Install Reload Administration Desktop Icons x. Download and Install The Xdialog Utility - Talked about in the readme g. Download and Install The Latest GroupWise Integration Software r. View Readme

After a few seconds, the Reload icons will be recreated on your desktop.

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