How to Restore a Reload System from Backup

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  • 09-Jun-2010
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


I need to restore my Reload system. How can I restore it from backup?


Every night, all of the configuration files for your Reload system are backed up to the directory /opt/beginfinite/reload/backup.

The backed up files are zipped in a file called Within that file, you'll find your profile configurations, profile cron files (schedules) and the system configuration file, gwavareload.conf.

Once you have installed Reload, unzip It will contain three zipped files:,, Unzip the contents of the file into /opt/beginfinite/reload/conf. Unzip the contents of the file into /opt/beginfinite/reload/conf/cron. Unzip the contents of file into /opt/beginfinite/reload. All of your Reload profiles and configuration will now be restored.

This does not restore any of the backups you have pulled from the live Groupwise system. This only restores your configuration.

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