ggwiasmtpdThreadsAvailSend should be >=2, but is 0

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  • 17-Dec-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


Redline 3.x SLES 9,10 NW 6.5 SP4+


There are two ways to combat this situation.  If this is frequently occurring, it may be necessary to increase the amount of send threads allotted to the GWIA.  If the current GWIA send threads are 8, then try increasing it to 16 or more (GroupWise default is 8).  This can be done in the properties of the GWIA using ConsoleOne.  Once that is set, the GWIA will need to be restarted.  Resolve the alert and observe the system for a few days.  If the alert continues to happen, and you are not experiencing any delays in the system then there is an adjustment with the alert that can help.  Since it is not uncommon for email systems to experience large loads of mail in bursts at times, then it may be just fine for the GWIA to utilize all of its threads for a short time before returning to normal.  If that is the case, then setting this particular alert to enable "Back To Normal Alert" would be a good adjustment.  This will allow the Control Center to automatically remove the alert if the problem resolves itself over time.  This means that if the threads free up on the GWIA, the next loop the Redline Agent makes it will report the number of threads to the Control Center.  If this number is above the threshold, a "Back To Normal Alert" will be sent.  This resolves the original alert automatically. To set this threshold to enable "Back To Normal Alert", complete the following steps:    
  1. Login to Redline and go to the Configure tab.
  2. On the left side, click on Thresholds.
  3. On the pull down menu, select GW Internet Agent.
  4. Wait for the list of thresholds to load, then scroll down and find the threshold Send Threads Available.
  5. Click on the small icon that resembles a notepad to the right.  This will load the threshold settings.
  6. In the Add or Edit Threshold section below, check the Back to Normal Alert box, and press OK.
  7. Now go back to the Alerts screen.  The alert should be resolved.
NOTE:  If the alert is not removed, check the the Back to Normal Engine is enabled in the Configure | Analyzer section.

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