GroupWise Restore Script for GroupWise 2014 Customers

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  • 22-Oct-2015
  • 30-Aug-2017


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GroupWise 2014


1. Switched over to Disaster Recovery on the Reload Server 2. Ran for a while on the Reload Server 3. Was able to get the server back up and running 4. Now there are messages in both instances of the GroupWise post office. 5. How can we merge the two post office messages stores?


A script was created by GWAVA with the assistance of Micro Focus that makes merging two versions of a post office very simple. This script requires the version of GroupWise to be GroupWise 2014.

1. Set up a Restore Area that uses the Reload server, see the Reload documentation for more details

2. Use the GroupWise Restore Script ( ) script

3. Make sure to modify the Variables section of the GroupWise Restore Script

NOTE: If you modify the script on a Windows machine, to convert the script to Linux format use the "dos2unix" command on the Linux server once it is saved on the Linux server. Example:


4. Make the script executable:

chmod 777

5. Run the script


The GroupWise Restore Script tells the GroupWise system to create a restore request for each user in the post office specified in the variable section of the script.

The GroupWise POA then looks inside of the message store in the GroupWise Restore Area associated with the Reload server, and brings across any mail items on the version of the post office on the Reload Server into the message store on the GroupWise post office.

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