How to Configure Custom Links in the Reload Web Interface

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  • 17-Sep-2008
  • 29-Aug-2017


Reload (all versions)


How can I add some custom links to the Reload web interface?


Adding custom links to the Reload web interface is a simple procedure. It must be done through the terminal menu, however.

From the main menu, go to Administer System | Web Page “Custom Links” Configuration. Within the Customization menu you can configure up to eight links that will appear under the Custom Links tab in the web interface. When creating a link, select one of the available Customize Link options.

You will first be prompted for a URL that the link will direct the browser to. Be sure to give it a complete URL, for example

Next, you will be prompted to give the link a Title. This is the name that the link will appear under in the web interface.

Lastly, you are given the option to have the link open in a new window when you click on it in the interface. Once you have created your link, open the web interface and test it.

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