Windows Server Core Installation Guide

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  • 09-Mar-2011
  • 07-Aug-2017


Windows Server Core 2008
Windows Server Core 2008 R2


Unable to install Gwava 5 on Core Server


The Installation File of Gwava is a Java Applet.
You need to install Java before you can install Gwava on Core Server.
1)      Go to a Workstation or another Server and download the Java Offline Installation package. The Download package can be found here:
2)      Copy the package to the Core Server and install the Offline Installation package on the Core Server.
3)      Install Gwava 5 now
4)      For Configuration purposes of the freshly installed Gwava you need another Workstation or Server, to access the GWAVA Management Console from an Internet browser Refer to the Gwava Installation Guide for the next steps.

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