High Utilization on ExcepScanPrep

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  • 13-Jan-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017




Getting high utilization on the ExcepScanPrep thread.


Check exceptions and watermarks for too man and/or bad exceptions.  Every time you add a new exception - all of your exceptions are recompiled.  If you have numerous exceptions and watermarks - it will take a while to recompile them.  If it is taking quite a while to recompile take a look at these common problems: 
1) Check your exceptions for invalid characters, or email addresses.  2) Make sure there are no double asterisks.  (**)  as those usually cause problems compiling. 3) Count the number of watermarks in your system.  Usually we don't reccomend a lot of watermarks because they are used for 1 on 1 communication.  Conversation tracking works well in place of watermarks. 4) If none of the above are correct, please call GWAVA support so we can further diagnose your problem.

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