SMTP mail server address to send notifications to O365

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  • 07-Nov-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


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What SMTP mail server address do I use to send mail to O365?


You need to point the SMTP to address for whichever server your MX record is pointing to. If you don't know what your mx record is pointing to, you can do the following.

  1. From the command line, you can run: nslookup -querytype=mx [emaildomain].com

For example, our domain is I ran this query and received the following results:

root@mx1:~# nslookup -querytype=mx

Non-authoritative answer:       mail exchanger = 15       mail exchanger = 15

2. You could also use a website like and do an mx lookup for your domain. These are the results I received:

Pref Hostname IP Address TTL
15 24 hrs Blacklist Check      SMTP Test
15 24 hrs Blacklist Check      SMTP Test

You would list either or 

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