Things to Try if Vertigo is Unable to Connect to GW System

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  • 21-Feb-2017
  • 07-Aug-2017


Vertigo Running on Linux


When trying to connect Vertigo to the GroupWise System it is failing to connect.


Here are a list of things to check if you are unable to connect to the GroupWise system:

1) Are you running the latest version of Vertigo? Here's a KB on how to find out">2) Are you connecting Vertigo to the Primary domain? If not, it needs to connect to the primary domain, not a secondary.

3) If using GW 2012 or older, are you logged into the Novell client as an admin user? It needs read/write rights to the GW domain. If GW 2014 you connect via the REST API.

4) Make sure SOAP is enabled:">5) Make sure you have access to the primary domain database from the computer on which you are installing Vertigo. (Linux systems require a mapped drive through a Samba share.)

6) If the above 5 are as they should and it's still not connecting, it's most likely an issue with the SAMBA connection between the Windows box and the Linux server. Windows changed when Win Vista and 7 came out, causing the SAMBA connection to not be a consistent connection. Try installing Vertigo on another workstation to see if it works better.

7) When you mapped the drive via the Novell client, to your primary domain, did you browse to it? If so, try changing the way you have the mapped drive set up. Try adding it like this: \\serverIP/path/to/domain.

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