Reveal Showing Demo Expired, even Though the License was Previously Installed

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  • 23-Jul-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GroupWise Forensics (Reveal)


Reveal has been up and running just fine and now all of a sudden it shows that the license is expired.


The license key and code will never expire, therefore if it is showing 'demo expired' then most likely it can't see your license key and code. Check the following:
1) Verify the license key and code are in the reveal.ini by:
a) Browse to your GW domain.
b) Open the reveal.ini
c) You should see two lines with your encrypted Reveal License Key and License code. For example:


2) Check your drive mapping connections to the server. Make sure you have a mapped drive to the GW domain.
  •  Disconnect and reconnect your Drive mapping to the domain, using the Novell client.
3) Make sure you are logged in as admin, or admin equivalent (you need read, write access)

4) Close and re-open Reveal
Reveal should be able to see the reveal.ini file now, allowing it to see the valid license key and code.

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