Recreate Dictionary Files

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  • 03-Jan-2008
  • 29-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4  (Netware and Linux) all builds


How to recreate antispam dictionary files.



1)  Unload GWAVA4 (NetWare:gwavdn, Linux:rcgwavaman stop)
2)  Go to: GWAVA4/services/asengine/configs/<scanner id>
3)  Create a folder called dictionary_old
4)  Move all dictionary files to the dictionary_old folder folder(.idx, .dic, .xml)
5)  Rename the autoblocker folder to autoblocker_old
6)  Go to:  GWAVA4/services/autoblocker/corpus/<scanner id> ham (or spam)
7)  Copy the mime files to GWAVA4/services/autoblocker/transfer/<scanner id>/ham (or spam) respectively.
8)  Then reload the autoblocker configuration to finish the recreation of the files.

Note: If you have had multiple scanners you'll have multiple <scanner id> folders. To find out which folder correlates to the scanner you are trying to repair, open GWAVAMAN (<IP>:49282) in your web browser, and in the system management section select advanced, and then under system tools select scanner object map.

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