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  • 30-Apr-2013
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Reload for Retain


GWCheck on the Reload server did not match the GroupWise database version.
Check the database version:
1. Open an SSH session to the Reload server.

2. Change to the <profile directory>/backups/weeknow/<any backup directory>/.

3. Type:  "less gwpo.dc".  The database version is shown at the top of the file.  Quit out of the less command.
Check the gwcheck version on the Reload server by typing:  "rpm -qa | grep groupwise".
If the two do not match:
1. Ensure that Reload is set to use the correct GroupWise version.
a. Launch the Reload administration console.
b. Go to: SYSTEM > GROUPWISE.  If the version doesn't match your database version, select the correct version.
2. Wait a few minutes as Reload installs the GroupWise programs for the version you selected.

3. Check the Groupwise gwcheck version installed by typing: "rpm -qa | grep groupwise".   If it doesn't match the database version, continue on; otherwise, launch a new Blueprint report job through the web interface.

4. Remove gwcheck by typing: "rpm -e novell-groupwise-gwcheck"
5. Uninstall Blueprint by typing: "rpm -e beginfinite-blueprint"

6. Re-install Blueprint.
a. Change to /opt/beginfinite/reload/setup
b. Type "rpm -ivh beginfinite-blueprint"
7. Launch a Blueprint report job.

By re-installing Blueprint, it will install the gwcheck version it needs in order to run successfully.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact GWAVA technical support for further investigation.

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