Restoring GWAVA4 From a Backup.

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Linux and NetWare GWAVA4 (all builds)


How do I restore GWAVA4 from a backup? Resolution: GWAVA 4 already has some backup mechanisms in place. Each critical piece of GWAVA has a backup directory. The key paths to look at (NetWare or Linux) are:
  • …\config\backup (Configuration DB backups)
  • …\services\qms\backup (QMS DB backups)
  • …\services\asengine\configs\<config_id>\backup (Spam Dictionary backups)
  • …\services\qms\data\storage\ (your Quarantined messages are here)
To back up only critical data have your backup software only back up the directories listed above. The rest of the GWAVA directory structure isn‟t critical. If you use this method you‟ll need to restore the backed up zip files and then unzip the contents before GWAVA is fully restored. For a complete backup, you can back up the entire GWAVA directory structure, but it isn‟t necessary. This will enable you to get GWAVA up and running faster but requires more disk space. If you need to restore GWAVA 4, take the following steps: Reinstall GWAVA 4 from scratch.
  • Shut down GWAVA (gwavadn or rcgwavaman stop)
  • Find your backups and restore them to the GWAVA 4 directory structure.
  • Reconnect your interfaces (GWIA, MTA, POA).
  • Bring your GroupWise components back online.
  • Start GWAVA 4 (gwavaup or rcgwavaman start). You should be back to the
  • same configuration as before.
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