How to install Reporting and Monitoring Server after Retain has been installed.

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  • 26-Nov-2014
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.x


Installing Reporting and Monitoring Server after RetainServer was installed will wipe out the RetainServer web console. Resolution:

Just reinstall Retain making sure to install the Server, Worker, and Reporting and Monitoring Server.

All data is safe in the storage area so the reinstall is not a big deal. You have to install at least the Server, and Reporting and Monitoring Server together, installing Reporting and Monitoring Server alone will cause the Retain Web Console to fail to load properly. Then configure the Reporting and Monitoring Server and download the bootstrap just like a Worker, click on the Reporting link that appears in the Overview section to open the Reporting and Monitoring Server and upload the bootstrap. You will then have access to the Reporting and Monitoring Server.

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