How do I Manually "Resync" an Object Within My GWAVA System?

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  • 21-May-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 NetWare and Linux


How do I manually "resync" an object within my GWAVA system?


To manually resync an object within your GWAVA system that have not been correctly copied across the GWAVA network:
(Before running this repair tool ensure that all servers have a  healthy replication state and are able to contact each other.)
Once you have esured that the replication system is healthy then you can proceed with the "Object Resync"

  • Open your GWAVA manager (<ip_address>:49282)
  • Go to System Management | Advanced | Diagnostics & Repair | "Object resync"
  • If you have ensured that the replication system is healthy click continue
  • Select an object to submit for resyncronisation. After submitting the object, please allow a few minutes for all of the information to transfer between each server. Depending on network conditions and the number of servers in the network, this operation can take an undefined amount of time. Watching the number of items in the replication queues will give an indication that information is being transmitted around the system.

Please note that resynchronization of an object will not remove object records that are out of sync, only add to them. Any records from an object that are unwanted need to be removed from where they reside. This process will remove them from the entire network and should not require or involve the resynchronization process.

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