Connecting to a Reload Backup

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  • 13-Oct-2008
  • 29-Aug-2017




Connecting to a Reload Backup


Reveal has the ability to connect and view not only your live GroupWise system, but you can also access your Reload backups with Reveal.  Here are the steps to connect to Reload:

Enable the Reveal product integration in Reload
     - In the Reload Administration | Administer System | GWAVA Product Integration | enable the GWAVA Reveal integration

Make sure that you have a Reload backup currently loaded in Access Mode
     - In the Reload Administration | Access Backups, go to the desired profile.  This screen will tell you if a backup is loaded in Restore mode or Access Mode or both.  If the correct backup isn't loaded, then choose the appropriate backup date from the list to load it.

Connect to your GroupWise system in Reveal

Once connected to the live GroupWise system, you can now connect to your Reload Access Mode backup
     - Click on the 'Connect To Reload' button and enter in the appropriate information for your Reload post office(s)
The 'Connect To Reload' button will become orange upon connection to Reload

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