Recreating Your Trusted Application Key

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How to recreate your Trusted Application Key Multilogin Failure


Reveal utilizes a Trusted Application Key (TAK) in order to connect to your primary domain. A TAK is created after your initial installation of Reveal when you first attempt to connect to your GroupWise domain.  In certain cases, a TAK might need to be recreated after the initial creation.  Usually this will be done at the request of Technical Support, but one common error that might be resolved by recreating your TAK is the "Multilogin failure" error when trying to connect to GroupWise.

There are two methods to recreate your TAK.  The easiest and recommended way is as follows: 

1)  Start Reveal

2)  Connect to your GroupWise system

3)  Select the 'Administrator' menu

4)  Choose (Re)create your Trusted Application

If you are unable to recreate the TAK using this method, due to problems connecting to GroupWise, you'll want to use this second method:

1)  With Reveal closed, browse to your primary domain directory and open the reveal.ini file with your choice of text editor

2)  In your reveal.ini, find the following lines (Key will vary):


3)  Remove the values after the '=', leaving the following:


4)  Save the file

5)  Depending on the problem you are troubleshooting, you may also opt to remove your old Reveal TAK from GroupWise.  Here is Novell's documentation on the subject:

6)  Start Reveal and Connect to your GroupWise system.  You should be prompted to create a new Trusted Application Key

Note:  After recreating your Trusted Application Key, you may need to give GroupWise a minute or two to propogate that Key to your domains and post offices.  After waiting for a few minutes, you may also want to restart Reveal before accessing your mailboxes.

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