Spam/Ham Messages Not Leaving GW Client, Autoblocker Log Indicates 'Messages located, transferring'

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  • 10-Feb-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4, 4.5 Running on NW or Linux


The messages in the GW Clients Spam/Ham folders are not being processed. They have worked in the past. The autoblocker log doesn't show any IMAP errors, it shows 'Messages located, transferring'.


When the autoblocker log shows 'messages located, transferring' that means it is in the process of transferring messages from the gwava4/services/autoblocker/transfer/<configID>/spam or ham directories.

Keep in mind that if there are messages in these directories (from your automatic feeders), then it will work on these before it will take messages from the Groupwise account. It is a good idea to clean these directories up, as some messages that it can't process can get stuck in here. Remove any messages with a .~22 extension. It is recommended that you shut down GWAVA before doing this:

1) Shutdown GWAVA: gwavadn (for NW) and rcgwavaman stop (for Linux)
2) Browse to gwava/services/autoblocker/transfer/<configID>/spam
3) Remove all .~22 files
4) Browse to gwava/services/autoblocker/transfer/<configID>/ham
5) Start GWAVA back up: gwavaup (for NW) and rcgwavaman start (for Linux)
If these directories are clear now, it should start taking the messages from the GW client spam/ham folders.  

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