GWAVA Appliance Reverts Back to Mountain Standard Time or Is Off By a Specific Number of Hours.

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  • 22-Sep-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 Appliance (all builds)


The time is off on my appliance by an exact number of hours or reverts back to Mountain Standard Time.  I have adjusted the time but every Tuesday the time reverts back to Mountain Standard Time.


This issue is resolved in build 126.  If you installed the appliance at an earlier build you will just simply have to run a time script (same script that is ran during setup) to fix the issue.  Make sure that your GWAVA4.5 is updated to build 126 (or greater if available) before performing this fix.  If GWAVA4.5 is not on build 126 (or greater if available) this fix will not work.

1) Open a putty connection to the appliance.

2) Go to /opt/beginfinite/gwava/assets/scripts.

3) Run the (at a prompt type ./ and hit enter).

4) Follow the step by step instructions about  your  timezone.

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