Managing the Dashboard Homepage

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  • 01-Dec-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 5 Running on Windows or Linux


How can I change which dashboard menu shows up as the Home page?


You can change which dashboard menu you would like to have as the Home page (page that is opened when you first log in to the GWAVA management page, or when you click on the 'Home' link on the top left). To change this do the following:

1) Under Home Pages, open up Dashboards and click on Dashboard Control Panel.

2) Check the box you would like to be the Home page. By default it is set to the Welcome menu.

3) Hit 'save changes' at the top right.

The home page will now be set to the menu you changed it to.

Note: You can create your own menu item on the 'Dashboard Control Panel'' and use that as the home page as well.

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