What is "CTASD" and "CTIPD"? These modules started to automatically load when I start GWAVA!

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  • 24-Aug-2009
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4 / GWAVA4.5 NetWare, Linux (all builds)


After I updated my GWAVA4 I am seeing some new modules loading, what are they? 


You may be wondering what the "CTASD" and the "CTIPD" modules are that you are seeing load when you start GWAVA4.   You also may see the modules "fail" when loading or show as "missing" when you do a "rcgwavaman status" in a Linux terminal.  Below is some information to give you a better understanding of what these modules are!

CTASD = Is the interface that is used while using the "Signature" engine scanning mode.
CTIPD = Is the interface used when using "IP Reputation". 

Understanding why these modules "fail" or show "missing" is very important and can be confusing upon your first time seeing this.   Neither one of these modules are started unless you are using "Signature" mode or "IP Reputation" or both.  These module WILL load when starting GWAVA but will no be used unless your system is configured to use "Signature" mode of "IP Reputation".  This is why you are seeing a "failure" or "missing" status next to these.

Also understand that if you are using "Signature" mode and/or "IP Reputation" you will see the "fail" or "missing" upon starting GWAVA.  You will not actually see these modules as "active" or "running" until the "GWAVA scanner" starts them.  Even though the modules are loaded when you start GWAVA they are actually not initialized until the "GWAVA scanner" calls to use them.

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