How RBL and SURBL work

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  • 13-Feb-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


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How does a RBL or SURBL lookup work?



RBL/SURBL use DNS lookups to check against their blacklists. 

To understand how this process works we need to first understand how normal DNS works. For example, if I type in my web browser, the browser then does a DNS lookup to find the IP address for Once I have the IP address my browser can access the resources for the web page. Think of a DNS server as a phone book, it ties names to internet addresses.

RBL/SURBL works much the same way with a few exceptions.  If the uri '' appears in an email, GWAVA contacts their DNS server and asks it to do a lookup on '' (notice the surbl server attached on to the domain).  The DNS server will in the end contact and ask if it recognizes that domain. will return a simple, yes I recognize that domain (meaning block it, because it is on my blacklist), or no I don't recognize that address (meaning that domain is not blacklisted). DNS is merely the method used to check their blacklists.


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