I am Getting the Message (550 invalid HELO string (IPV4 When Sending Mail Through GWAVA

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  • 22-Sep-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA4.5 build 125 (and prior builds with SMTP scanner) SMTP scanner


I am getting the message (550 invalid HELO string (IPV4 when sending mail through GWAVA.


This message will usually not be for all outgoing mail being scanned by GWAVA.  Some receiving mail servers will not accept the HELO command (start of email conversation), if the IPV4 address shows as

To resolve this issue:
1) Open your GWAVA web management console: (<ip_address>:49282).
Go to Server/Scanner Management | Server name | Manage scanners | scanner name | Configure SMTP settings | Mail interface settings
2)  Change the settings.
Near the top of the page you will see TCP/IP bind address (listen address).

By default, this is set to (unless you changed it during the scanner installation).

Change this address to the physical IP address of the GWAVA server.
4) Save changes.

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