How To Integrate Advansys Archive To Go With Reveal

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  • 03-May-2010
  • 07-Aug-2017


Reveal 2.0+ All Builds Advansys


What is the procedure to integrate Reveal with the Advansys program Archive 2 Go.


The Advansys Archive To Go program is a third party application designed to provide a storage system for exported messages from GroupWise or Reveal. A viewer is provided for the user that allows administrators to peruse,  or search for exported messages.
For further information, documentation, and support for Advansys, Archive To Go or any of their products, please visit their website at :

Note: GWAVA Technologies Inc. is not responsible for and does not provide technical support for Advansys or any of it's products. Please contact Advansys to answer any questions regarding sales, or support.

1) Install Reveal. Using Reveal documentation install the Reveal software. This would include installing Microsoft .net Framework, and making sure that a GroupWise client is installed, as well as the Novell client on the Windows workstation or server. For further information on the install of Reveal, or the support requirements visit for system requirements, prerequisites and documenation.

2) Install Advansys Archive To Go Software.
Install the Archive To Go software by simply downloading, and running the setup application. The instructions, requirements, as well as the download is found on the Advansys Archive To Go website

Note: The demo version of Advansys Archive To Go may not integrate or function with Reveal. A full version of Archive To Go is required in order to integrate successfully with Reveal.

3) Install Formativ .net Framework.
This is a separate installation from the Microsoft .net Framework and contains separate files the are required in order to run Archive To Go and Reveal integration.
The download for Formativ .net Framework is found on the Formativ Framework webpage

4)  Install Message Saver Pack
The final installation piece to integrate Reveal and Archive To Go is to install the Message Saver Pack.

Once these components are installed, and you have licensed the version of Archive To Go, Reveal will be fully integrated with exporting messages using the Advansys Message Saver system.

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