Compressed Package Is Corrupt, Cannot Update

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  • 09-Feb-2008
  • 07-Aug-2017


GWAVA 4 Netware (All Builds)


When running an online update, the update does not finish and an error is displayed: Checking for updates to the updater from server: The updater is current, continuing with update procedures Retrieving version information from update server: Downloading initial version status packet Inspecting package: GWAVA 4 Main Package Package 'GWAVA 4 Main Package' version 86 is newer than installed version 82 Downloading ... Decompressing package DATA:\OPT\BEGINFINITE\GWAVA4\temp\download.updates\GWAVA4\86\ Compressed package is corrupt, cannot update Online update procedures finished If you see this error message then the file is corrupt or doesn't contain the files needed for the update.


This problem could be related to network issues:

1) Proxy, some proxies can alter or change files as they come through the system.
       a. Verify proxy settings are correct
       b. If possible connect directly to our update server

2) Packet loss could cause the zip to be corrupt.
       a. Run a continuous ping or pathping to determine if packet loss exists between your server and
       b. If your are getting packet loss consult your network administrator or your ISP.

3) Try our alternative update site.
       a. Attempt to update from

If problems persist please contact technical support at 801-437-5678.

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