User Statistics Gadget Explained

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  • 20-Feb-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017




What do the different columns represent on this gadget?


There are 7 different statistics on this gadget that can be defined as follows:

Messages/Connections processed
The connections that are established with a GWAVA Interface.
Messages scanned
The full messages that are scanned by GWAVA. These are the messages that have passed the connection dropping tests and GWAVA has received a full MIME file to scan.
Confirmed bulk mail/newsletters
These are messages that have been positively classified as SPAM/newsletters.
Suspected bulk mail/newsletters
These are messages that have been classified as suspected SPAM/newsletters.
These are messages that are confirmed SPAM messages.
These are messages that contained a virus.
Messages Blocked
These are the messages that were prevented from being delivered to end users. Messages blocked are not just SPAM messages but messages that were blocked for any of the filters defined in GWAVA.

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