How to Configure Squid to Talk to GWAVA

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  • 15-Mar-2013
  • 07-Aug-2017




How do you configure a Squid Proxy Server to talk to GWAVA to scan web traffic?


The squid configuration file needs to have several lines added so it know to send ICAP requests to GWAVA.  Add the following lines to squid.conf:

icap_enable on
icap_send_client_username on
icap_client_username_encode off

icap_service service_req reqmod_precache bypass=0 icap://<IP_of_GWAVA>:1344/request
adaptation_access service_req allow all

icap_service service_resp respmod_precache bypass=0 icap://<IP_OF_GWAVA>:1344/response
adaptation_access service_resp allow all

#turn off persistent connections to increase speed
server_persistent_connections off
After adding these lines to squid.conf, restart squid.

To understand what these configuration lines mean, visit

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