How to Manually Upgrade Blueprint When Going Through a Proxy

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  • 15-Apr-2013
  • 30-Aug-2017


Blueprint (all versions)


Administrator tries to upgrade Blueprint and it fails to download.  The Blueprint upgrade feature is unable to secure HTTP access for some reason.  This could be due to a proxy (unless a transparent proxy) or some other reason. NOTE:  Do not attempt to upgrade while a Blueprint job is running (type "blueprint status" to verify).


Manually download the latest version of Blueprint from a workstation and run the Blueprint upgrade again.
1. Download the latest version:

2. If not downloaded using a web browser on the Reload/Blueprint server, but from a local Windows workstation instead, use WinSCP or similar utility to copy the downloaded file to the Reload/Blueprint server.

3. Copy the zip file to  /opt/beginfinite/blueprint/upgrade.

4. At a command prompt, type: blueprint upgrade

*If step 4 is not run, Blueprint will upgrade itself if more than 72 hours has elapsed since Blueprint last upgraded successfully.

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