Downloading a new/copy license for GWAVA4

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  • 25-Mar-2009
  • 08-Oct-2018


GWAVA4 and newer


How do I get a copy or a new license file for GWAVA


Licenses for GWAVA4 come in the form of a ".pem" file.  These can be obtained if you have your "key code".  If you do not have your "key code" you can call GWAVA4 support and obtain this information.
You can contact Micro Focus: 
By opening a service request at
Or call Support to open a Service Request at 1-800-858-4000

After you have your "key code"
a. Go to
b. Select your product (GWAVA4 or GWAVA5) from the drop down box.
c. Enter your "key code" in the "Validation Key" box.
d. Click next
e. Fill in the required information
f. Click next

Now you can download your ".pem" (license) file for GWAVA and upload it using the license feature in "Server/scanner management | <server name> | server management | Licensing

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